Bousnic p-collar 356 Shock Collar with Remote – Electric Training Collar


Whether it is a training companion, a working dog, or a dog playing sports, we are all happy and willing to respond quickly to commands at a distance or when distracted. You want a happy puppy and your new Bousnic p-collar 356 Shock Collar with Remote is a powerful training tool to help you reach this goal. The Bousnic Electronic Training Collar (E-Collar) is a secure, reliable and effective training tool. This allows for perfectly timed corrections, even over long distances. In addition, the intensity adjustment feature allows you to adjust the amp (up) of the training collar according to your dog’s temperament and the level of distraction at the moment, so you can maximize the efficiency of your training. However, modifying it to stop unwanted behavior is only a small part of what an e-collar can do.


Pattern Dog
Material Silicone
Target Species Dog

Bousnic p-collar 356 Shock Collar is a powerful tool for encouraging desired behavior. But first, you need to find an electronic collar intensity setting for your dog that is high enough for your dog to notice, but not so high as to be annoying. , must learn to control it through action.

Method to use e-collar

You will find this method of e-collar training to be even gentler than many traditional leash training methods. Additionally, the e-collar improves communication by giving your dog instant feedback during training. This reduces confusion, promotes a positive attitude to training, accelerates learning, and quickly establishes off-lead credibility. Follow the instructions provided even if your dog already knows basic obedience commands. Before using the Bousnic Remote Training Collar, your dog should learn to respond to each E-collar command.

IMPORTANT: Start in vibrate mode first and use static shock mode as a last haunt. Depending on the model, the remote trainer can have 1 to 16 different stimulation levels. This way you can choose the best level for your pet. Once you’ve put the receiver collar on your pet, find the optimal stimulation level for your pet. This is called awareness level. Subtle changes in a pet’s behavior, such as looking around curiously, scratching its collar, or twitching its ears, indicate that it has the highest level of awareness.

Follow the steps below to find your pet’s Recognition Level:

Start with the lowest stimulus level on the remote display and press and hold the vibration or shock stimulus button (hereafter referred to as the “S” button). 

If the pet does not respond, repeat the stimulation level several times before moving to the next level. 

Pets should not bark or panic when stimulated. If this happens, the stimulation level is too high and you should go back to the previous level and repeat the process. 

Increase the stimulus level until your pet reliably responds to the stimulus. 

If your pet is at max level and still unresponsive, check to see if the collar on the receiver fits. 

If your pet has long or thick coat, use the longer set of contact points. Then go back to step 1 and repeat the process. If the problem persists, you may need to trim the pet’s hair around the contact points.

Bousnic p-collar 356 Shock Collar with Remote

The Features of the Bousnic p-collar 356 Shock Collar:

3 Training Modes

The Bousnic Shock Collar has 3 modes Beep, Vibrate and Safe Shock to correct your dog’s behavior problems. Separate mode buttons give you quick control instead of pressing multiple buttons to switch between modes. It also provides a precise safe impact level for safe impact.

Much More Effective

The Bousnic E-Collar is specifically designed to be smaller, thinner and lighter than not only our other models, but our competitors’ models as well. Contacts and spring leaves make the safe shock mode more effective. A safe shock is always a last resort.

IPX7 Waterproof Receiver

The Bousnic training collar receiver is IPX7 waterproof so you can take your dog to the ocean beach, park, rain or even the pool. On the other hand, if you buy an extra collar, you have two channels of him that can control two dogs at the same time with one remote.

Long-lasting Batteries

A specially designed battery helps extend battery life when not in use. Generally, the receiver can be used for 15 days and the remote control for 30 days. So you can use this device wherever you need it.

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