Cash App is a digital platform to save, send, receive or even invest your money. This allows you to pay money for any service instantly. There are many applications that provide a digital wallet. So, this can become another such app with your account linked to it. In case if the Cash app is no longer necessary, you may want to delete your account. It is always the best to delete your account if you are not going to use the app. This article will give you simple methods on how to delete a Cash app account. 

Things to do before deleting

1. Deleting transactions on cash app

Before we get to how to delete your Cash App, there are a few things you must finish. It is also important to answer questions like how to delete transactions on cash app. Now the question is, can you delete cash app history. Unfortunately, in the Cash App, there is no method to delete your transaction history. 

Then, how to delete history on cash app. If you think that deleting a particular transaction or history is extremely important, then you can take help from their customer service. Their customer service will take your query and remove it. However, this is fully dependent on the advice of Cash app’s expert team. Moreover, Cash app protects all the transactions made through the application in a secure manner. So, deleting one transaction or the transaction history may not be necessary. 

2. Clearing pending transactions

It is not possible to delete Cash app account if there is any pending transaction. It is important to check for pending transactions and upcoming bills through the app before you delete cash app. You can easily check through the transaction history and find the pending transactions. Make sure to cancel them and wait for Cash app to refund the credited amount. You may also want to know how to delete cash app activity. The Cash app activity gets deleted once your account is deactivated. 

Lastly, it is recommended to save a copy of all your transactions through the Cash app. It is not possible to obtain this transaction history after deleting your Cash app account. 

How to delete a Cash app account

How to delete a Cash app account, you can delete a Cash app account in two methods. Read more to know how to delete a Cash app. 

Method 1: Using the Cash App web page

Step 1: Visit the Cash app official website. Log in here with your correct account details. This is either the registered email id or phone number and the password. 

Step 2: The app will now navigate to the Request Sign in a Code page. If you signed in with your email id, a code will be sent to it. If you give your phone number, then a code is sent as an SMS. 

Step 3: Copy the code and confirm your sign in. 

Step 4: Go to the ‘Open Account and Settings’ option and navigate to the ‘Personal Information’. 

Step 5: Scroll down and there is an option called ‘Deactivate Account’. Select this option. 

Step 6: This will take you to a page that requests the reason behind why you are deleting the Cash app account. You can select a suitable reason for the ones that are displayed. If you choose the ‘Other’ option, you can type the reason. Ensure to include your Name, email ID and phone number on this page. Click ‘Continue’. 

When the deactivation is processed by Cash app and you will be notified by their support team. If not, they will ask for some more information to initiate the deactivation process. 

Method 2: Using the Cash App through mobile phone

Deleting or deactivating your cash app account is simpler through the app than the website. So, here is how to delete cash app permanently via your mobile phone. 

Step 1: Download the Cash App on your device and open the app. 

Step 2: On the top-left corner, click the person icon to navigate to the ‘Account Menu’.  

Step 3: On this menu, click ‘Cash Support’ or a question mark like icon. Here click ‘Something Else’ option. 

Step 4: As you scroll down here, you will find the ‘Account Settings’ option. Click on that. 

Step 5: Here select ‘Close My Cash App Account’. You will then receive an SMS or an email through the registered number or email ID. This is just to confirm your account deletion procedure. 

Deleting cash app on iPhone

Firstly, ensure to ‘Cash Out’ the money from the app to your bank account before deleting the account. You can find this option on the app and the website too. If you are thinking how to delete my cash app account on iPhone, this will help you out. It is very similar to the cash app delete account on mobile phones. 

Step 1: Open the Cash app on your iPhone and click the person like icon. 

Step 2: Scroll down and find the question mark icon or the ‘Support’ option. 

Step 3: On this new tab, click the option ‘Something’. 

Step 4: From here, find ‘Account Settings’. Now click ‘Confirm Closing Account’. 

Step 5: You will receive an email or SMS confirming that you have deleted your account. Open this to complete the deleting process. 

Thus, deleting or deactivating your Cash app is pretty simple. You can do it either on the web or on your phone. It’s the task of just a few minutes to get it complete. Once the confirmation mail or SMS is received, you have deleted your account permanently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have discussed deleting the cash app, here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. How to delete cash app transactions?

It is not possible to delete one or a few transactions from the cash app. You can contact the Cash app customer support for further help. They will help you to delete a transaction detail or remove it from history. This is done when the reason for deleting the particular transaction is valid. 

Q. How do delete transaction history on cash app? 

It is possible to receive a copy of the transaction history but not delete it. Cash app makes sure to keep your transaction details and history safe. So, it is not essential to delete transaction history. It is also recommended to keep the transaction history in case of emergency requirements. 

Q. How to check the pending transactions on a cash app? 

You can check the pending transactions in the recent transaction activity. Check if any of them are pending. You can either cancel and claim for a refund or retry the whole transaction. 

Q. How to contact the customer support of a cash app? 

It is easy to connect with customer support through the app. You can also use their customer support number to connect with an expert. This is required when you want to delete a particular transaction detail. The customer support team immediately connects with an expert to help you out. 


On an endnote, deleting the Cash app is as simple as it is to use the app. For further queries or issues with deleting your cash app account, contact customer support. With that, you can complete the deleting process effectively. 

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